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Guernica essay on The Left Front

John Reed - Ten Days that Shook the WorldRoslyn Bernstein of Guernica (the masthead: “a magazine of art & politics”) has offered a thoughtful and ruminative take on The Left Front. She was kind enough to spend time with me and my co-curator, Jill Bugajski, in the Grey Gallery, asking us questions as we gave her an unofficial tour of the exhibition. The interview happened soon after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, so the resonance of recent events with The Left Front (which features a strong dose of controversial political and social satire) was on our minds.  As the first paragraph suggests, the exhibition also had a personal resonance for Roslyn:

My association with the left goes back to my high school years in Long Beach, NY. It was there, in a friend’s basement, that I first read issues of the Communist Party newspaper, The Daily Worker. Several of my friends’ parents had been thrown out of the New York City school system during the McCarthy years and they had gone into hiding in this small beach town, 45 minutes outside the city. Occasionally, I saw flyers and posters in the basement, too, demanding better working conditions and higher wages for the proletariat; they were left over from rallies in Union Square and from secret meetings in Greenwich Village.

Read the rest of her essay here.

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  1. Great article. She obviously was impressed with subject matter and the eye on current importance of artist’s activism. Excellent quotes, mr. John Paul Murphy. Keep their dreams alive.

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